Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Which One is THE BEST Online Marketing Secret?

As a new online business owner, you're probably wondering what it would take to bringing business in from the website that you've painstakingly designed and built. If you are anything like me when I first started out my website, you would have dug through thousands of websites looking for online marketing secrets....well, at least something that would bring you tons of traffic and truckloads of money within a couple of months. Weeks, if possible.

And you're probably frustrated by now that all those online marketing secrets that you've found were either too expensive or required extensive work. Suddenly, you've discovered that the easy internet promotion techniques that some people proclaim to work or swear by are nothing but wishy-washy stuff that they dreamed up one fine day, sitting under a palm tree. They're not at all the kind of online marketing secrets you thought it was and if they were to help you sell online, you'd have to be RICH FIRST or work yourself to the bone.

As far as I am concerned, they're all correct. They all have their own online marketing secrets to share with you. The only problem is....are the internet promotion techniques working for you? How do you put all of those internet promotion ideas into motion without crying buckets of tears every night?

I am not going to proclaim to know all the online marketing secrets there is to know. In fact, learning how to promote a website and grasping new internet marketing techniques is an ongoing process. Even as I am writing this, something else that I've not heard before is helping someone sell online.

The answer is this...there is no single marketing secret! There are about a million secrets out there! I have to share with you is this and I will place it all in point form so that it will be easy for you to digest. Hopefully, at the end of the article, you would be just that little bit clearer about how to sell your products or services online.

Here is a list of my online marketing secrets.

  • I'll repeat this know, just in case you didn't see how I BOLDED it up there. There is no ONE SINGLE SECRET. There are tons of secret techniques. Some work, some don't. Whether it is real or some wishy-washy hogwash material, you'll have to see who's writing it
  • Test, test, test, test and test some more. Patience, when it comes to internet marketing is absolutely crucial. If you're expecting to make millions (like some people may have led you to believe), then you're in for a huge disappointment. Finding online marketing secrets that work involves a lot of testing.
  • Socialize...a lot. Only by socializing with others, whether online or offline, would you be opening your door to business. Through online networking sites, parties, events, functions, or even family gatherings, socialize and let others in on your business.
  • Write and link. This is one of my personal favorite 'online marketing secret' because writing comes naturally to me, so, I have an advantage over you if you're the kind who struggles to string a sentence together. If that is a problem for you, hire someone to do it for you.
  • Keep your mind open to new ideas....and then adopt them. Unlike other brick and mortar businesses where one marketing technique works for decades, with internet marketing, it's no secret that things can change in mere weeks.

There is more but I would end up writing a book if I write all of them down but these are the few essential things that I think are extremely important for an online business owner.

So, stop looking around for THE online marketing secret. Learn to absorb, conglomerate, learn, adopt, learn, make mistakes and be patient. In fact, if you're willing, you might discover your very own secret! Who knows....

By : Marsha Maung
Marsha Maung is a Malaysian-based freelance writer with two kids. She spends her time ferrying her kids around, watering her plants, writing web content, SEO stuff, ghostwriting books and also indulges in the occasional Facebook-ing. Visit her blog for more dirty details on the life and times of a mother, writer, designer, housekeeper, coffee-maker, poop-wiper, chef...and just about everything else under the sun.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Online Marketing Training - Key to Online Success

Online marketing is defined from Wikipedia as the selling of products on the internet. Also known as Internet marketing or web marketing, it is used by companies selling goods and services directly to consumers as well as those who operate on a business-to-business model so it is often related to public relations, customer service, sales and information management. Online marketing is often not more than an approach to achieving high affinity to a target group, so that high losses due to non-selective advertising may result. Online marketing is a billion dollar industry that is fast overtaking traditional means of advertising in that it's a cheap and easy way of marketing.


Online Marketing is finding a very important place in the budgets of all types of businesses across the globe. At the same time poses a unique set of challenges. One of the key challenges is lack of trained and experienced marketing professionals. It employs different techniques to those of traditional marketing. As with any product or service,however, not all online marketing services are created equal. A well thought through marketing strategy demands thorough understanding of internet marketing.

As you most likely know, many online marketing consultants and marketing agencies claim to have the answers to your internet marketing problems. whether you call it internet marketing, web site promotion, online, link building or search engine optimization, it all boils down to one thing bringing you qualified visitors to your website,and that translates into more business for you in terms of sales.


Online marketing regardless of the exact method a company chooses to use, offers several benefits. In addition Internet marketing allows even the smallest of companies to compete in a global marketplace. As many business owners have found, not having a business website or not promoting their business website effectively means their venture may as well be invisible. Putting a business website in these places will be like having a store front that is open to customers all day, every day without fail.


No matter the choice, online marketing is for funneling customers and clientele right onto a business' doorstep No matter what the trade ,online marketing is a tool that is absolutely essential when it comes to getting a business to the fore front of action. It is finding a very important place in the budget of all types of businesses across the globe. Since the Internet has now become a primary tool for the delivery of information, businesses of all sizes are using online marketing to increase awareness of their goods and services. What you need at this point in time is a proven training system to make sure that you learn what it takes to be a successful online marketer.

By : Kizito Nsubuga
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Japanese Online Marketing

To keep up with the changing times, business companies today look into multiple options for reaching and communicating with customers. One popular option is the internet, which has primarily become the medium for tapping potential clients across the globe.

While at the beginning, online marketing was considered incomprehensible and too unpredictable, today, a growing number of marketers are developing their online marketing programs. It is growing at an extremely dramatic pace and is affecting customers and market behaviors significantly. As a result, firms have now started developing strategies for e-marketing on the web.

Japan as a Role Model

Japan, as everybody knows is an economically stable and technologically advanced country. It is one of the leading countries of the world with the largest number of online users. The acceptance of the online business in Japan is crucial to companies who continue to increase and develop their marketing efforts online with the objective of securing shopping channels online and building consumer relationships. That's why there is a sudden increase of Japanese web developing companies that offer the best graphic online design.

A rapid growth of internet users in Japan has been seen in the past few years. The percentage of Japanese households using broadband is growing to over 70% by the year. Japan had over 20 million broadband lines in place and is continuously growing, making it one of the largest broadband countries worldwide, next to China and USA.

However, to be on the frontline of online marketing, Japan has effectively adopted an online marketing approach. They are moving ahead by blending a mix of solutions to spread their message to the audience. Thus, employing the best online marketing expert of Japan is the wisest choice.

Professional graphic designers in Japan know that building a website isn't enough – to maximize and make the most of your online investment, one must drive and convert online site traffic. There are so many options on how to promote your site – from email marketing and search engine placements to viral marketing and affiliate programs. It may seem confusing on how one chooses over the other.

Every company's needs are different and unique to one another, so there is no ultimate strategy that fits the bill perfectly. Therefore, every professional Japanese graphic designer is more involved and focused on delivering design, e-business strategy solutions and web technology development.

Through a steady journey through feedback and fine-tuning, Japanese online marketers adjust and monitor their plan in taking full advantage of the emerging technology, which is an internet marketing hallmark. By analyzing company-specific objectives in regards to online marketing, it will help break through the ideas and clutter and offer creative and unique solutions to maintain and attract your target audience. Online marketing should support your requirements even after you have developed your customer loyalty and brand identity, following through follow-up email marketing and campaigns.

A bright future for Japanese online marketing is evident in the rapid growth of their followers. Where technology is not a stranger, Japan welcomes the change that online marketing has brought.

By : Przemyslaw Prokpow

Friday, September 4, 2009

How Well Does Online Marketing Pay Exactly?

When speaking about online marketing, most people tend to be more concerned about how well online marketing pays rather than what it takes to be successful at it. Most doubt the feasibility of online marketing and the potential it has in terms of earning big bucks. The truth is, online marketing is a market that is so vast that it will be highly unlikely for it to be too saturated to engage in. In fact, almost anyone can take advantage of it to gain access to the potentially huge profits to be made online.

Like any marketing strategy, the success or failure of online marketing depends solely on the person who embarks on it, so if you're someone who has already embarked on online marketing in some way, shape, or form you determine how well it pays. A lot of people have the misconception that online marketing does not pay well because they've tried and failed at it.

As someone who uses online marketing as the inertia to drive their sales figures, you need to know the best methods of utilizing your resources and make the most of your prospects. Most people assume that banner ads don't work, but the fact is only untargeted banner ads don't. A well-designed ad in a relevant content will be successful on some level, especially if it represents some value to the prospect who may have stumbled upon it. Banner ads that are targeted by use of keywords tend to have higher conversion rates than ads that aren't keyword-targeted and text links.

Another reason why some doubt the effectiveness of online marketing is the fact that a lot of email advertising is considered as spam. However email can still prove to be the most efficient form of targeted communication in trying to gather new customers and in creating loyalty amongst current customers. To ensure that your email advertising won't be mistaken as spam, you should always remember to send out your email communications to those who have opted-in to you, therefore giving you permission to send information about your products or services that they might be interested in. Your success in email advertising is also dependent on how enticing your subject line comes across, and how recognizable and "legit" your return email address is.

If you've incorporated a little online video advertising in your online marketing efforts, then well done. If not, then you should consider it. However like all other marketing channels, your success depends on whether you've gone where the audience is. Internet users these days tend to flock to sites like YouTube and Metacafe, for all sorts of videos. So while online advertising presents a feasible avenue, the challenge for online marketers is that such portal sites are not a controlled environment. With online video advertising there's no simple way of telling whether a sale or any activity for that matter can be attributed to the video advertising efforts. In order to measure the success of video advertising in relation to your sales, you need to lead viewers back to your site, and this can be done by using teaser strategies, tempting viewers with more video content on your site.

So as you can see, how well online marketing pays is really determined by your own marketing efforts. There are several avenues you can consider; how well you execute them is the one determinant of how big a pay off online marketing can provide.

By : Michael Mulkern
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