Sunday, December 26, 2010

Online Marketing Tips - Article Marketing

Using articles is one of the more popular online marketing tips. Most article directories are free to submit, and articles have become increasingly popular with people on the internet. Everyone searches for information on something sooner or later on the web.

The easiest and most often accurate source for this information is articles. There are so many people out there with experience in different things that writing an article about it for them is so easy to do, plus it helps other people out as well.

Now that we have said that anyone can write an article, let's talk about online marketing tips to make that article effective. If you truly are going to use it as a source of traffic, you are going to want it to be effective. This is not hard to accomplish, though it will take some research.

The first thing you are going to need is a keyword tool. This tool should bring up current phrases being used by the search engines. You simply type in your niche or product and it should bring up some results for phrases related to it.

Not all of these are going to be ones that you are going to want to use. Some of them are so popular that your chances of even getting seen using them is slim to none. You can however, write those popular ones down and use them as additional tags for your articles when you submit them.

What you want to be effective is the results between five and ten thousand. This will give you some traffic but not be overly competitive either. Knowing which words to pick is vital for online marketing tips with articles.

Now that you have the keywords what are you going to do with them? Well you are going to want to place them in the articles. In the title and first line for starters, as well as in the resource box. Do not over-use the keywords though because then it makes your article sound like spam and will likely get rejected.

I have given you some of the basics to online marketing tips with articles. There are many more out there. Some of them will help you pick different styles of writing for accomplishing different things. Others will explain how to put link into your articles. There are thousands of tips that you can use, finding the right combination to make them work for you might be a bit harder.

This is very important. Pay Close attention!
Nearly 95% of the people reading this article will attempt to write articles for marketing. Many of those will fail to create all aspects correctly. Don't be one of them. I invite you to start today taking care of this problem. Take 2 minutes and read the next page for more article marketing tips.

By: Greg Meggs
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Cons of Online Marketing

Online marketing seems to be what everyone wants to be doing today. Everyone wants to make money without having their boss watching over them, and so on. But the sad truth is that many who embark on this venture do not make any money simply because there is more involved than what they had expected.

Online marketing is a great business to get into, but as with any other job or business it does have its downfalls. Here are a few cons of online marketing:

No Boss

How could this possibly be a bad thing? Well really it isn't, but some people need a push in the morning to get them going. A boss will do that for you, but when you are working at home, there is no one there but yourself to motivate you to get the work done. Finding the motivation can be a challenge especially if you have just started, and have not yet seen any positive results.

Lots to Learn

Believe it or not there is a lot to learn when it comes to online marketing. Not only will you have to know how to create good content and put it up online, but you will also need to know how to market your content.

You may have to spend a good couple of months just learning the basics to get your business off the ground. But even after that, the learning never stops. You need to keep learning so that you can stay on top of your market, and keep up with new marketing tactics that may have come out, and so on.

Lots of Work

What you may not realize is that setting up an online marketing business takes a lot of hard work and dedication before you will begin to see any serious money. Depending on how fast you want your business to flourish you may need to spend all your free time working at your online marketing business.

Creating your content and uploading it to your website may only take a few hours, but then you have to spend twice the amount of time to get the word out regarding your content. This is where most online marketers fail, because they are unable to generate enough traffic to their website to make enough money to make it worthwhile.

However, don't let the above discourage you from starting your online marketing business, as once you have your business established and done the hard work, you can sit back and take a few breathers.

By: Helen Reimer
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